Creativity and innovation in primary schools
November 21st, 2016


Creativity and innovation in primary schools
March 12, 2009
The symposium will be held in Resita (Caras-Severin administrative region, Romania).

The symposium, which also involves collaboration with the local regional school inspectorate in Caras Severin as well as a local educators’ association, is also integrated in the country’s official ‘Didactica International’ series of meetings and workshops on education, more specifically in the category of symposia focused on educational cycles and child development programmes.

Participants in the Symposium in Resita must be registered by the end of March. For information, contact the symposium’s co-ordinator, Mrs. Sofia Oneţiu at

The European Year of Creativity and Innovation (EYCI 2009) aims to ‘raise awareness of the importance of creativity and innovation for personal, social and economic development; to disseminate good practices; to stimulate education and research, and to promote policy debate on related issues.’ (Source:

The symposium in Resita on April 10-11 will be held at No. 7 School in Resita (classes 1-8), home of the Caras-Severin PTA. Proceedings will start at 11.30 am on both days.

The symposium’s objective is to demonstrate the role of creativity and innovation in schools and fostering the potential for innovation by teachers and pupils, and look at best practices in primary education. The symposium is open to teachers and members of teachers’ associations in Romania and abroad (notably Serbia).

The symposium will include lectures and question-and-answer sessions on the role of creativity in education, focusing in particular on methods and processes employed in education aimed at developing children’s creative potential.

There will also be presentations on projects by partners: examples of best practices in promoting creativity and innovation in primary school curricula.

Finally, the symposium will also highlight the ‘Great books created by our children’ project that a number of PTAs have worked on during the past few years in the context of the EU’s Comenius Programme. This multi-year series of projects and cross-border collaboration by schools was aimed at boosting teachers’ and pupils’ creativity and imagination in dealing with subject matter (books written in Romanian, Serbian, German and English), focusing especially on artistic creativity and new cultural approaches as an important means of communication in Europe.

Some of the books created in the context of the Comenius project will be exhibited in Bulgaria, at school No. 2 SOU « Akademik Emilian Stanev » in Sofia on the occasion of the formal completion of the Comenius-sponsored project in May of this year.

The works created in the Comenius project will be made available on DVD to allow them to be distributed among schools, along with the educational tools presented at the upcoming symposium in Resita by participants, drawn from their formal and/or informal educational work with pupils and professional development efforts.


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