Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish school report on joint project
November 21st, 2016


Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish school report on joint project
July 31, 2008
The three schools are SOU School 2 "Akademik Emilian Stanev" of SOFIA (Bulgaria), Szkola Podstawowa im. gen. Jozefa Gizy of WIELOGLOWAK (Poland) and school with classes I-VIII. 7 of REŞIŢA (Romania).

The photo on the home page accompanying this item shows children waving flags of the three countries represented by the participating primary schools.

The schools designed the idea for their cross-border collaboration at the PA Groups Unite Interim meeting in Popova Shapka, Macedonia, in August of 2006. (“PA” stands for “Public Achievement” – for more details, see the Programmes section on this site.) Their joint project has been sponsored by the European Union’s Comenius programme.

The theme of this year's meeting in Romania was "Great Books European folk tales and legends", reflecting the overall aim of the project: to improve the general quality of education in the partner schools by encouraging students, parents and teachers to participate in intercultural dialogue and to produce popular books of stories and legends in a large-format, which are then performed on stage.

The first and second round of the joint project took place in Bulgaria and Poland, respectively. The project’s target group were children aged 7-12 (i.e. primary-school level), and the end projects were as follows:

First year of the project: production of three large-format books by students, parents and dascălii of the three schools, the text being in the respective mother tongues of the country concerned as well as English, the latter to facilitate communication between the teams work. (These products then served as entries for the national "Made for Europe" olimpiada.)

Second project year of activity: presentation (on paper and on CD) of a national hero, manufacturing of three large-format books of folk tales from different European countries (for example, the Romanian team composed books of stories from Spain, Germany and Ireland), website project.

This year’s meeting in Resita (Romania) comprised the following activities:
• Exchange of the large-format books between the participating schools; Inscripţionarea of their CDs
• International press conference, attended by coordinators and other Comenius projects in the city of Resita, entitled "Celebration Europe Day”, together with the following activities:
-- Power Point Presentation of the project on CD and / or DVD, by each country
-- Exhibition of COMENIUS products (which runs until November this year): Great Books of stories and legends, CDs, albums, etc.
-- Stands / posters / billboards with pictures, albums, maps, postcards, etc. made or exchanged with other meetings
-- Programme and artistic presentation of plays in Romanian and English
-- Work on the project and joint activities with students on Romanian Day, visits to the county (Văliug) and the area.

The project coordinator for Romania was Sofia Onetiu, SOU School 2 "Akademik Emilian Stanev" from Sofia (Bulgaria) was the overall coordinator of the project.

For contact details, look up the schools’ details by returning to the home page and clicking on the Regions concerned. If you need help, contact either the webmaster of this site or the MTO/Splot in Nowy Sacz, Poland (also see Contact us).

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