Public Achievement Fair held in Kharkiv
November 21st, 2016


Public Achievement Fair held in Kharkiv
September 16, 2007
The PA groups meeting in Kharkiv were from Bakhchisaray on the Crimea peninsula, Kharkiv itself, Ternopil and Uzhgorod.

Documentation on their work is available through the Educational Society of Malopolska (MTO) based in Nowy Sacz, Poland (see Contact Us). Details of this weekend’s FAIR in Kharkiv will be provided through this Web site in the coming weeks.

The monitoring information will also appear on the PA website very soon, along with pictures from each group mentioned:

For more information about Public Achievement (PA), see the “Programmes” and “Links & Resources” sections on this website; the latter includes a link to the aforementioned PA Groups website:

Any questions about the PA FAIR in Kharkiv should be addressed to the organizer, Anna Ulanovskaya:

The PA programme in Ukraine was sponsored by the U.S.’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the East-East Program of Soros Foundation in Ukraine and Poland.

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