Preparing for yet another edition of AYSE
November 21st, 2016


Preparing for yet another edition of AYSE
November 28, 2007
From December 1 through 14, a group of 24 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Rep. Srbska included) will be taking their induction training at MTO in Nowy Sacz (southern Poland).

The programme was established in 2002 to introduce young people to the profession of social entrepreneur, and to support those who already have a vision of how to creatively solve their local communitiesí problems.

AYSE is a down-to-earth, very practical training for groups of youth (aged 18-25) to develop innovative approaches to problem solving and equip participants with team-building, capacity building and fundraising skills.

Participants are chosen through a careful application process. They first go through a brief but intensive programme of initial stationary training (to date typically in Nowy Sacz), followed by an internship with ASHOKA Fellows (so far in Poland), and thereafter homework in their country of origin -- with the support, via e-mail/Skype or whatever -- of a mentor.

The final evaluation takes place about 6 months after their return, to give them time to actually begin implementing their ideas.

The project also includes Training for Trainers and a Workshop for Local Entrepreneurial Leaders which take place in the target country.

Successfully piloted in Moldova in 2004, the programme results in the creation of new NGOs. One of these new organizations immediately became our partner in the next edition in Moldova (2005).

[end] The programme was expanded to Azerbaijan and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2005, and to Vojvodina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Southern Serbia in 2006. More extensive reports on this programme are available upon request .

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