Public Achievement manual published in Turkish
November 21st, 2016


Public Achievement manual published in Turkish
April 28, 2007
Message from Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu:

Dear Friends, Over the last two weeks we have been busy distributing and stocking our brand new Public Achievement Coach Manual - entirely homemade and entirely in Turkish.

The manual is 160 pages and has about 125 pages of text. The text is rich with quotations from coaches and has several coach stories and a few team stories.

The last 30 pages are in color and contain newspaper coverage, photos from coach trainings, coach meetings, a PA festival and also photos of the 13 authors.

We held two weekend working meetings last year so as to collectively write the book. I constructed a backbone and then we identified headers under sections and then wrote sections for these headers in pairs. Next the work was read and edited collectively.

The cutting and pasting etc. that followed was not difficult.

Each section contains voices of the coaches, either in full (if they wrote their own coaching story) or in pieces (quotations from coach's weekly reports, recorded in the weekly "team monitoring form" and passed onto all other coaches via a yahoogroup).

The manual opens with multiple welcome messages - each author wrote a personal welcome - reflecting the diversity, the creativity and the enthusiasm of the people making PA a reality here.

The manual also has a section where we thank those who contributed to our work here.

I am very happy that my second book is also a non-technical, grassroots, and participation-focused publication.

P.S. For information on Public Achievement, please visit our brand new site

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