“Active Youth are Ukraine’s Future”
November 21st, 2016


“Active Youth are Ukraine’s Future”
June 11, 2008
The “Active Youth are Ukraine’s Future” project was sponsored by the Polish ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A brief summary of the project:

Goal: The goal of this project is to help civil society development in the regions of Kharkov and Odessa by empowering youth to solve their own problems and encouraging closer ties amongst citizens in these two regions.

Background: Lack of a decent work for young people who live in the countryside and lack of vocational programs in schools force young people to seek employment opportunities in big cities. Without work experience, access to the necessary information, knowledge about successful job search techniques and labor laws young people find low-paid jobs with casual wages and are often cheated by employers. In particular, it concerns young people with talent and certain social awareness who want to solve social problems.

Activities/ results:

1. 24 youth from Public Achievement (PA) groups in Kharkov region will attend 10-day training in Nowy Sacz, Poland (June 16-25, 2008) to prepare them to create six Youth Centers: one in Kharkov and five in nearby villages. These Centers will benefit at least 5000 citizens of the communities where they live.

2. 24 teachers and university students from the Odessa Region will attend a 5-day workshop in Nowy Sacz (July 16-20, 2008) to prepare them to work as mentors with groups of youth in the Public Achievement (PA) program.

3. Six Youth Centers will be opened in the Kharkov region (Kharkov, Budy, Kuliniczi, Lipcu, Juznyj and Zolocziv). These Centers will provide consultations, information, trainings and materials for youth seeking work in NGOs or businesses as well as educational opportunities. They will help reduce unemployment - especially in rural areas.

4. 20- hour workshop for young journalists will be run in Kharkov to encourage them to address the need for youth empowerment and to promote the goals and activities of the project. They will raise awareness of the problem of youth unemployment and organize a competition: “Employment for youth: problem and decisions” featuring analysis, photo-reporting, interviews and creative solutions.

5. Creation of a data base of employment opportunities in the Third Sector and business as well as study opportunities in the Kharkov region. It will include a website and forum to discuss the problem of youth unemployment.

6. Preparation and distribution of materials to promote the Youth Centers and Job Fair.

7. Monitoring the Youth Centers by local coordinator.

8. Monitoring PA groups in Odessa region by local coordinator and MTO trainers.

9. 2-day seminar for Kharkov Youth leaders by Odessa trainers to share experience in creating a Youth Council of Odessa which was awarded the Council of Europe “Youth active citizens” prize in 2007.

10. Job Fair organized in Kharkov for youth seeking employment in NGOs or businesses.

11. A brochure about the project will be created and distributed in hard copies and available on websites of all those involved.

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