Sofia PTA takes the ‘bronze’ in educational contest
November 21st, 2016


Sofia PTA takes the ‘bronze’ in educational contest
April 2, 2009
The pupils organised their participation as a Public Achievement (PA) project, entitled ‘Education Of the Future’ (EOF) and fitted out with its own logo.

The photograph shows the pupils who teamed up for the contest at School 2 SOU ‘Akademik Emilian Stanev’. From left to right: Aleksander Dikov (17), Lilyana Chukova (17), Elena Georgieva (17) and Anastasiya Brazicova (18).

The teams participating in the Darbi College contest had to prepare multi-media presentations on 12 pre-selected universities from across Western Europe:

1. Darbi College
2. Schiller International University
3. School of Hotel Management IHTTI Switzerland
4. University of Essex
5. Brook House College
6. Southampton Solent University
7. University of Hull
8. European University Cyprus
9. Instituto Marangoni
10. European University
11. Instituto Europeo di Design
12. University of Bedfordshire

The idea of the contest was to capture the key elements of the disciplines taught at these universities. The participants from Emilian Stanev secondary school presented their work to their fellow classmates.

‘My pupils were keen to participate and work on this subject because most of them want to study abroad,’ says Mariana Ivanova, a teacher at School 2 SOU ‘Akademik Emilian Stanev’, co-founder and chairwoman of the IPOL Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) which is linked to the school, and national co-ordinator for the ‘School Plus Network’ in Bulgaria. IPOL stands for ‘Integration, Enlightenment, Education, Personality’.

The project ‘specs’ were as follows:

Name: Education of the Future
Aims: Our main aim is to introduce as much information as we can to the future students. Not only do we want to inform them about the best education in Bulgaria and abroad but also to give them more interesting facts for their future possibilities . Missions: Receiving information through presentations and discussions.
Social work:

1. Making presentations
2. Showing presentations in front of an audience
3. Taking part in competition

1. Participating in competition
2. Publication about the project on the School Plus website.

The multi-media presentations prepared for the contest (in PowerPoint) are available upon request. Write to:

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